Our policy is represented by the letters 'QCD'.

Offering Our Clients High Quality Works
We boast a stable of experts ready to respond to each of our clients' needs.
Our response is based on thorough understanding of each client's new technologies and the latest technological trends.
Our patent specifications are always of the highest quality.
We offer high-quality correction and opinion documentation for office action procedures.
We can fine-tune our response to focus on acquisition, scope, quality or speed, or any other demands our clients may have.
Prompt Response
We generally reply to e-mails within one business day.
We do our utmost to accommodate any urgent requests.
We have a perfect system in place for contact in case of emergency.
All for Our Clients
We put ourselves in your position, and consider the best response for your situation.
We take extra care to ensure that there is no conflict of interest where the benefit of our clients is concerned.
The Best Services for The Best Price
We aim to offer the best value for money: maximum benefits for minimum cost.
We never present clients with unreasonable charges.
Communicating Closely
We offer a prompt and accurate response based on a proper understanding of our clients' requests.
We actively explore all avenues in providing a variety of support to meet the needs of our clients.
Respecting Due Dates
We strictly adhere to the legally-mandated due dates for office actions and the like.
We do our utmost to adhere to due dates for new applications.
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